field marketing auditingIt’s not enough to get your product on the shelf in a visible position, with compliance to promotions and book stocks and correct SELs and stock rotation checked. It’s not even enough to perform all the above and then pre-sell promotions and secure incremental orders and unplanned POS, etc, etc.

You also need to be confident that all the activity we carry out for you is accurately recorded and reported in real time so that you can make the necessary decisions about future actions. To support our clients’ needs in this area we have developed outstanding, innovative and flexible systems and processes for data capture and reporting that are second to none in the field marketing business. We are committed to constantly innovate to improve these systems, at the same time introducing the latest technology available.

Through this process of continuous improvement and the flexibility of our systems you can be certain that we will provide you with simply the best auditing and reporting facility in terms of accuracy, timeliness and return on investment.