With our Fast Track Interaction (FTI) system our field marketing and sales team will communicate with you in real time. You are not limited to receiving updates at prescribed intervals of days or weeks.

FTI is the RSS system that allows clients to have real time interaction with individual sales people on the ground in store as visits take place. In other words you are able to undertake a virtual store visit. This means that you can understand what is happening in store at that time and influence the situation there and then, by requesting further feedback or setting further objectives. Initial objectives can be out of date by the time of the store visit, but our people can respond there and then to the changed situation, giving you greater control over events.

Situations influenced can relate to:

  • Compliance (POS or display)
  • Price points
  • Issues
  • Competitor Activity
  • Additional activity secured (POS or displays)

You even get visual evidence as photographs for all actions are taken before and after and reported via our FTI process.