With the reduction of store staffing levels, it is now expected of suppliers to provide field sales support to the account to ensure that the joint business plans that have been agreed are implemented effectively at store level.

We provide a full time team that is trained on the store systems as fully as the stores staff. Additionally the team is able to provide the brand ambassadorial approach to the brands we are focusing on.  Through this understanding and making a difference in call we have developed our in store relationships.

We develop tailored plans for each of our clients to drive their in store objectives which has resulted in long term clients as mentioned in our USP’s.

Clients and activities often need an enhanced service, whether it is to support NPD, store initiatives or day one executions; to meet this requirement RSS can deploy their contracted tactical resource to ensure the needs are met in a timely fashion.

Additionally it is also recognised that some clients only require a tactical service which the RSS Tactical Team can provide to a similar standard as the syndicated grocery team.