Wholesale & Convenience

RSS Wholesale division has an experienced team of experts, with excellent relationships in the trade and a reputation for delivering results for client and customer.

We have a team of Key Account and Territory Managers across the UK who deliver a multi-level range of services for our clients. This includes cash & carry central order management and retail club development.

We have comprehensive coverage of all major Cash & Carry, Delivered Wholesaler and Foodservice accounts across the UK.

Operating locally and also at Head Office level we execute:

-Direct order capture (local and central)


-Displays and visibility

-Brand and activity awareness/pre-sells

-Core range distribution drives

-NPD drives

-POS and equipment installation

-Tactical projects

In convenience, we operate and manage a push & pull method through cash & carry hub-depots, taking your product from ‘shed to shop’. We also execute distribution/NPD drives, siting of POS and equipment, and tactical projects i.e. FSDU sitings.

Our service covers all major symbol groups and independent retail stores, offering you coverage from our store database of over 30,000 outlets.

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